Critical Service

The Critical Service is used to correlate outages from Services to a nodeDown or interfaceDown event. It is a global configuration of Pollerd defined in poller-configuration.xml. The OpenNMS default configuration enables this behavior.

Critical Service Configuration in Pollerd
<poller-configuration threads="30"

  <node-outage status="on" (1)
               pollAllIfNoCriticalServiceDefined="true"> (2)
    <critical-service name="ICMP" /> (3)
1 Enable Node Outage correlation based on a Critical Service
2 Optional: In case of nodes without a Critical Service this option controls the behavior. If set to true then all services will be polled. If set to false then the first service in the package that exists on the node will be polled until service is restored, and then polling will resume for all services.
3 Define Critical Service for Node Outage correlation