What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 18

System Requirements

  • Java 8: OpenNMS Horizon 18 requires Java 8 as the runtime environment. To run Horizon 18, we recommend the most recent version of Oracle JDK 8 for your platform.

  • PostgreSQL 9.1 or higher: Horizon 18 requires PostgreSQL 9.1 or higher. All older versions of PostgreSQL are past their end-of-life support date.

Breaking Changes

  • Custom Topology Icon Definitions: Custom Icon Definitions in the Topology Map are now handled differently.

    You will need to migrate your existing custom icons to the new layout. The OpenNMS Administrators Guide covers this topic in more detail.

  • Event Translator: The default behavior of the event translator preserving SNMP data when cloning event has been changed to NOT preserve that data by default. To restore the old behavior, set preserve-snmp-data="true" on the event XML. For more information, see issue NMS-8374.

  • ReST API: The ReST API has been normalized to give better and more consistent responses to queries.

    This includes dropping support for redirecting to the model URL on write operations (POST, etc.) If you were relying on this old (broken) behavior, please update your ReST API calls accordingly. Most client code should be unaffected.

New Features

  • Business Service Monitor: Correlation for root cause and business impact analysis.

    The goal of the Business Service Monitor is to provide a high-level correlation of business rules, and to display them in the topology map.

    In the BSM, you define a Business Service that encompasses a set of entities (nodes, interfaces, services, and other Business Services) and the relationships among them. The alarm states of the component entities are rolled up in a map-reduce fashion to drive a state machine. The state of a Business Service is reflected in a new type of event, and can also be visualized (along with the service hierarchy) in the existing OpenNMS topology map.

    For details on using the BSM, see the OpenNMS Administrators Guide.

  • ElasticSearch 1.x Event Forwarder: Support for forwarding events to ElasticSearch 1.x.

    For more details on the ElasticSearch integration, see the OpenNMS Administrators Guide.

  • Modular Configuration Updates: Now most properties set in the opennms.properties file can be instead overriden by creating a file in the ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/opennms.properties.d directory.

  • Notifications: New notification strategies for Slack and Mattermost have been added.

  • OpenNMS Plugin Manager: An API for adding 3rd-party "plugins" to OpenNMS.

    The core of a tool for adding plugins into OpenNMS has been included in Horizon 18. This provides a set of tools for finding and adding plugins to be loaded into the OpenNMS OSGi container.

  • Provisioning Requisition UI: A huge number of improvements have gone into the requisition UI. Also, the old "Quick-Add Node" functionality has been reimplemented using the same backend as the requisition UI.

  • "Scan Report" Remote Poller GUI: A new front-end for the remote poller that lets you perform a single scan and get a pass/fail report in a GUI has been added. You can enable this alternate UI with the "-s" option on the remote poller CLI.

  • Topology UI Updates: As part of the BSM work, the topology UI has been vastly improved for both performance and usability.

  • TSRM Ticketing Plugin: Create incidents in IBM’s TSRM.

    Information on configuring the TSRM ticketing plugin can be found in the OpenNMS Administrators Guide.

  • Usage Statistics: Collect anonymous usage statistics.

    To get a better idea of how to estimate hardware requirements and the performance characteristics of OpenNMS, we wrote a tool to occasionally submit anonymous diagnostic information about your OpenNMS install. It will submit information like the number of nodes, alarms, etc. as well as some basic system information to our servers for statistical reasons.

    When a user with the Admin role logs into the system for the first time, they will be prompted as to whether or not they want to opt-in to publish these statistics. Statistics will only be published once an Administrator has opted-in.

    These statistics are visualized on stats.opennms.org.

Event Updates or Additions

  • APC

  • Juniper IVE

  • NetGear ProSafe Smart Switch

  • OpenWRT

  • SonicWall

Data Collection and Graphing Updates or Additions

  • AKCP SensorProbe

  • Cisco ASA5515-X and ASA5525-X

  • Juniper SRX100h and SRX210he2 Router

Internal Updates

  • Minion Infrastructure: Minion is OpenNMS’s project to provide full distributed monitoring and collection.

    While Minion is slated to be in Horizon 19, some of the work going towards Minion support is already in Horizon 18, including components for discovery, syslog, and more.

  • ActiveMQ: An ActiveMQ broker is now embedded in the OpenNMS JVM.

  • Discovery Daemon Rewrite: The discovery daemon has been replaced with a Camel-based implementation to facilitate future Minion support.

  • Enhanced Linkd: Enlinkd has had many bugs fixed and should perform orders of magnitude faster in many configurations.

  • JNA: The JNA ping implementation got cleaned up and should be working again.

  • Newts: A number of bugfixes and improvements have been made to the Newts support since Horizon 17.

  • Syslog Daemon Updates: The performance of the OpenNMS syslog support has been vastly improved and updated, and has been modified to work in the Minion.