The OpenNMS HORIZON Provisiond API also supports Provisioning Adapters (plugins) for integration with external systems during the provisioning Import phase. When node entities are added, updated, deleted, or receive a configuration management change event, OpenNMS HORIZON will call the adapter for the provisioning activities with integrated systems.

Currently, OpenNMS HORIZON supports the following adapters:

DDNS Adapter

The Opposite end of Provisiond integration from the DNS Requisition Import, is the DDNS adapter. This adapter uses the dynamic DNS protocol to update a DNS system as nodes are provisioned into OpenNMS HORIZON. To configure this adapter, edit the file and set the importer.adapter.dns.server property:


RANCID Adapter

Integration has been integrated with RANCID though this new API.

<More documentation needed>
Maps (soon to be moved to Mapd) <documentation required>
WiMax-Link (soon to be moved to Linkd) <documentation required>