Internal Plugins supplied with OpenNMS HORIZON

OpenNMS HORIZON includes a number of plugins which can be installed by the Plugin Manager UI or directly from the Karaf consol. Plugins are simply Karaf features which have additional metadata describing the Plugin and possibly defining that the Plugin also needs a licence installed to run.

Once installed, the plugins will always start when OpenNMS is restarted. If the plugins appear not to be working properly, you should check the /data/log/karaf.log file for problems.

Each internal plugin supplied with OpenNMS HORIZON is described in its own section below.

Installing Plugins with the Karaf Consol

The easiest way to install a plugin is to use the Plugin Manager UI described in the Plugin Manager section. However plugins can also be installed using the Karaf consol. To use the Karaf consol, you need to open the karaf command prompt using

ssh -p 8101 admin@localhost
(or ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no if no host checking is wanted)

To install or remove a feature in Karaf use

karaf@root> features:install <feature name>
karaf@root> features:uninstall <feature name>

You can see which plugins are installed using

karaf@root> product-reg:list