Alarm Change Notifier Plugin

The Alarm Change Notifier Plugin generates new OpenNMS events corresponding to changes in alarms The new events are defined in the <opennms home>/etc/events/AlarmChangeNotifierEvents.xml file

These events contain a json copy of the database table before changes in %parm[oldalarmvalues]% and after changes in %parm[newalarmvalues]%

%parm[alarmid]% contains the alarmid of the alarm which has changed

The generated event itself references copies of the nodeid, interface and service contained in the original alarm. This way the alarm change events are associated with the original source of the alarm.

Alarm change events have a severity of normal since they only reflect changes to the alarm.

Events from the alarm-change-notifier are also used by the opennms-es-rest plugin to send alarm history to Elastic Search