Installed Licences Panel

Each licence has a licence ID which is the Karaf feature ID of the feature to which the licence refers. Many licences can be installed on a system but only one licence string is allowed per feature ID.

Licence Strings are used to validate that a particular feature can be run on a given Karaf instance. The Plugin Manager will not allow a feature to run if it’s licence cannot be validated using a private key encoded in the feature bundle.

Licences are associated with specific Product ID’s and specific Karaf instances. Several Karaf instances can be listed in a licence allowing a feature to run on more than one system using the same licence. When a licence is installed, the licence metadata is decoded and displayed.

A licence may be installed before or after its associated feature is installed. If a licence is installed after the feature the feature must be restarted before the licence will be read.
09 installedLicences

Adding a New Licence

New licences are added using the add licence panel. Licences are obtained from the App Store where they can be generated by a user for a given set of system id’s.

A licence must be copied (cut and paste) from the app store into the add licence panel. The 'Validate licence' button should be used to check the licence has been installed correctly. Please note that this just checks the integrity of the licence string. A licence is only authenticated once it is installed and the corresponding feature bundle checks it on start-up.

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