Collectd Configuration

Table 1. Configuration and log files related to Collectd
File Description


Configuration file for global Collectd daemon and Collectors configuration


Log file for all Collectors and the global Collectd daemon


RRD graph definitions to render performance data measurements in the Web UI


Directory with RRD graph definitions for devices and applications to render performance data measurements in the Web UI


Event definitions for Collectd, i.e. dataCollectionSucceeded, and dataCollectionFailed

To change the behavior for performance data collection, the collectd-configuration.xml file can be modified. The configuration file is structured in the following parts:

  • Global daemon config: Define the size of the used Thread Pool to run Collectors in parallel.

  • Collection packages: Packages to allow the grouping of configuration parameters for Collectors.

  • Collection service association: Based on the name of the collection service, the implementation for application or network management protocols are assigned.

01 collectd overview
Figure 1. Collectd overview for associated files and configuration

The global behavior, especially the size of the Thread Pool for Collectd, is configured in the collectd-configuration.xml.

Global configuration parameters for Collectd
        threads="50"> (1)
1 Size of the Thread Pool to run Collectors in parallel