The Data Choices module collects and publishes anonymous usage statistics to

When a user with the Admin role logs into the system for the first time, they will be prompted as to whether or not they want to opt-in to publish these statistics. Statistics will only be published once an Administrator has opted-in.

Usage statistics can later be disabled by accessing the 'Data Choices' link in the 'Admin' menu.

When enabled, the following anonymous statistics will be collected and publish on system startup and every 24 hours after:

  • System ID (a randomly generated UUID)

  • OpenNMS HORIZON Release

  • OpenNMS HORIZON Version

  • OS Architecture

  • OS Name

  • OS Version

    1. Number of Alarms in the alarms table

    2. Number of Events in the events table

    3. Number of IP Interfaces in the ipinterface table

    4. Number of Nodes in the node table

    5. Number of Nodes, grouped by System OID