Slack Notifications

If your organization uses the Slack team communications platform, you can configure OpenNMS HORIZON to send notices to any Slack channel via an incoming webhook. You must configure an incoming webhook in your Slack team and do a bit of manual configuration to your OpenNMS HORIZON instance.

First, add the following bit of XML to the notificationCommands.xml configuration file (no customization should be needed):

<command binary="false">
  <comment>class for sending messages to a Slack team channel for notifications</comment>
  <argument streamed="false">
  <argument streamed="false">

Then create a new file called in the directory with the following contents (customizing values as appropriate):


# or:
# org.opennms.netmgt.notifd.slack.iconEmoji=:metal:

Restart OpenNMS so that the file will be loaded. Your new slack notification command is now available for use in a destination path.